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Stop looking for the right exercises. Use this grammar handout generator to create tailor-made materials for your students. You can build exercises from examples available in the database and then edit them further until they are perfectly suited to your context.


Choose from over 3500 examples divided into 10 main categories.

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Dear English teacher,

We know you have lots of materials and your ways to do magic and make a great lesson from nothing. But what do you do when your students need to practise a specific combination of grammar structures and the exercises accompanying the book just don’t seem to be sufficient? 


We don’t want to overwhelm our students with tasks they are not ready to do, but we do want to meet their needs that they have at a particular time. Who, if not you, knows better what they need at the moment? You don’t have to look for the right exercises any more. 
Your DIY handouts are just a few clicks away.





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Choose categories and set filters to find examples you need. Then add them to your exercise.

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Give a name to your exercise, select instructions and mix examples if necessary. Then save the exercise.

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Download your exercise as a doc file. You can also combine your exercises into one document and create pdfs.

Download examples of ready-made handouts

The contents of the handouts were generated on this website and then edited in Word. You can create your own designs by adding free graphics from sources like, or 

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what users say about us

Magdalena Szymańska (Poland)
The only website where I can find exactly what I need when it comes to grammar exercises. I have a premium account and it's great!
Sylwia Clayton (Poland), blogger at
DIY Handouts is a fantastic tool for English teachers. Especially those very busy ones! What I like about it the most is that I can mix and match any grammar structure in one handout, I can personalise it and what's more, it saves as a beautiful handout. I have just created a handout that has all past forms in it, and it took me less than 2 minutes to do it! :) The website is easy to navigate and therefore makes the process very intuitive. What is also worth mentioning is that the creators are very nice and always ready to help. Thanks guys for this fantastic website!
Aleksandra Macenowicz (Poland), blogger at
DIY handouts is my newest discovery! You choose a category of grammar structure, whether you need General or Business English, the level of advancement and the age of your students and VOILA! Exercises have been created! It’s perfect for revision or tests. Don’t ponder whether your sentences make sense, let the computer do it for you.
Karolina Gronkiewicz-Pypno (Poland)
I use materials available on DIY handouts regularly. Every time I want to practice a certain grammar structure with my students or test their knowledge I just choose a few elements and print them out. Using the website is easy and intuitive, and creating exercises is very fast. Since I found out about DIY handouts, preparing grammar lessons has been much less time-consuming. I recommended the platform to my colleague teacher and she uses it as often as me and she can’t imagine work without it.
Paul Matthews (the USA)
At first, you may wonder why you need to create your own exercises if there are so many materials available online. I recommend DIY handouts because I am able to get what I need within just a few minutes instead of looking for a needle in a haystack. If you want to make sure your students understand the differences between specific structures, this platform is invaluable. As it grows, there will finally be an all-in-one source of grammar exercises.
Anonymous feedback from satisfaction survey
Very good and helpful in generating exercises, I could not praise it enough, I use it every time I do grammar with students:)
Anonymous feedback from satisfaction survey
It's great that such a page exists where teachers can find some inspiration and save lots of time by creating diy materials
Anonymous feedback from satisfaction survey
The website is great. It makes my job so much easier
Anonymous feedback from satisfaction survey
Anonymous feedback from satisfaction survey
I love the idea of your website :)
Anonymous feedback from satisfaction survey
The site is really great! I used to create my own examples, but it's very time-consuming. Thanks for your work :)
Anonymous feedback from satisfaction survey
Very needed, helpful, time- saving, inspiring
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