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Grammar handout generator

This website allows English teachers to create personalized grammar exercises for their students.




This grammar handout generator was created by English teachers for English teachers. Our goal is to help users create personalized grammar exercises for the ESL classroom with the following values in mind:


1.       Saving resources:

By using DIY handouts you save time and energy looking for the right exercises for your students in books or online. You do not have to adapt them in any significant way as you create them for a particular student or a group of students.

By using DIY handouts you also save paper. Yes, even though the primary purpose of creating exercises is being able to print them out, you can edit your handouts in Word and make them as print-friendly as possible, or you can just use the electronic version.


2.       Care:

As teachers, we care about our students and we are proud of them as they develop and make small steps forward. By using DIY handouts you create tailor-made exercises and can make sure they fit the learners’ specific needs, level, age and interests, and that they facilitate their progress.

At DIY handouts we also care about teachers who are our users and clients. We have created this website to make their work easier and we are constantly improving to provide good content in a user-friendly way. We often ask you for your feedback and would love to hear what you think. If you have any comments or questions, let us know.





I’m Agata Pul and I founded DIY handouts in 2016. It took several months to create content and make it ready to show it to the world in September 2017. Even though the first version of the website was not perfect, the idea gained fans in Poland and abroad. We have decided to create a new, updated, more user-friendly version. It was launched in October 2018 and it is the website you are using right now. I hope you find it useful and easy to navigate. You know that I’m waiting for your feedback.


I’m an ESL teacher, business owner, and new technology enthusiast. I studied English and German philology, and International Project Management in Poland. I continue to learn how to be a better teacher and a website creator.


I’m enjoying my DIY handouts journey.


Download examples of ready-made handouts

The contents of the handouts were generated on this website and then edited in Word. You can create your own designs by adding free graphics from sources like www.pexels.com, www.pixabay.com or www.openclipart.org. 

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